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2020 First-half Programs Announce Today.

2020 First-half Programs Announce Today.


【Combo Packages】
Mix and Match Combo:Enjo20% off a single purchase of 4 shows of the Weiwuying Presents Series. One ticket minimum per show.
The Artist Live in Concert Combo: Enjoy 15% off  a single purchase of 4 tickets of the same The Artist Live in Concert show.
Korean musical- Along with the Gods: Enjoy 15% off a single purchase of both shows Along with the Gods: The World and Along with the Gods: The Afterworld. One ticket minimum per show.
Family Combo: Enjoy 20% off any single purchase of 3 tickets to the Family Series. Tickets not limited within the same show and showtime.
TIFA-Contemporary Music Platform Combo: Enjoy 15% off any single purchase of 2 tickets to the TIFA-Contemporary Music Platform.

【Taiwan HSR Limited Package】

The Taiwan High Speed Rail has partnered with Weiwuying on the following shows to offer a 20% off standard train tickets and limited offer of 20% discounted tickets:
Feb 28- Mar 1 Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem
May 16-17 Musical: Along with the Gods- The Afterworld
May 30-31 Musical: Along with the Gods- The World
*Please refer to the ibon ticketing service for the Taiwan HSR Limited Package.


【TIFA- Contemporary Music Platform ALL PASS
The ALL PASS is a limited 50 passes that allows full-access to every show within the Contemporary Music Platform, as well as special rehearsals and meet-the-artist sessions. Each pass is NT$2,500.More


【National Performing Arts Center Premium】
Any member of the National Theater and Concert Hall, National Taichung Theater or National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts-Weiwuying will enjoy 10% off any ticket purchase of self-presenting programs.


【Pre-Sale Plan for the Weiwuying Members ONLY】
This sale is available to the Weiwuying members holding Weiwuying Lifestyle Card, Weiwuying Youth Card, Weiwuying Unlimited Card, and Weiwuying Hero Cards from noon of December 1st to 22nd, 2019. All the card members mentioned above will enjoy the privilege of an early purchase with a 25% discount. (Conditions applied)

【Discount for Audience Overall】

This sale is available to the public from noon of December 8th, to 22nd, 2019.

Any purchase within this period will enjoy a discount of 25%. (Conditions applied)

※No discounts for tickets below 300 NT and Weiwuying Showtime series. The discount is not available in conjunction with any other discounts.

※Discounts will also be available to seniors and disadvantaged people. Please refer to Kindness Services.

  • Tickets for Seniors: 50% discount for persons above 65 years old. (Please show your ID while purchasing tickets and entering.)
  • Tickets for the Disadvantaged: 50% discount for the disadvantaged person and his/her company (limited to one person). Please show your ID while entering.


The Overview of 2020 First-half Program
1/4 (Sat) 14:30

Iveta APKALNA Organ Recital

1/27 (Mon) 11:00、16:30
1/28 (Tue) 11:00、16:30

【Chinese New Year Series】CHEN Hsi-huang Traditional Puppet Troupe “Mice's Wedding ”“ A Chance Encounter ”“The Seven Heroes and Five Gallants: Xian-Kong Island”

1/28 ((Tue) 14:30
1/29 (Wed) 14:30

【Chinese New Year Series】Po You Set“ Dining On the New Year's Eve ”

2/8 (Sat) 14:30
2/9 (Sun) 14:30

【Family Series】24 Seasons – Family Musical Theater

2/16 (Sun) 10:30、13:30、16:30

【Family Series】Théâtre de la Ville “ Kusomo and his Bali Mynah”

2/22 (Sat) 19:30
2/23 (Sun) 14:30

A Sadler's Wells London Production: William FORSYTHE “A Quiet Evening of Dance”

2/28 (Fri) 19:30
3/1 (Sun) 14:30

Benjamin BRITTEN : War Requiem

3/8 (Sun) 11:00、 15:00

【Family Series】Thunar Circus“ HUNG Tung's Fantasy”

3/14 (Sat) 14:30

Sì. Mi chiamano Mimì - PUCCINI Gala by LIN Ling-hui and Her Friends

3/19 (Thu) 19:30

Philippe JAROUSSKY × Ensemble Artaserse

3/21 (Sat) 19:30
3/22 (Sun) 14:30

Questioning Heaven

3/21 (Sat) 14:30
3/22 (Sun) 14:30

Creative Society Theatre Group Crystal Boys

4/2 (Thu) 11:00、15:00、17:00
4/3 (Fri) 11:00、15:00、17:00

【Family Series】Dansema Dance Theatre “Meadow”

4/4 (Sat) 11:00、15:00、17:00
4/5 (Sun) 11:00、15:00、17:00

【Family Series】Dansema Dance Theatre “ Puzzle”

4/11 (Sat) 19:30

【2020 Weiwuying TIFA - Contemporary Music Platform】Contemporary Music Platform Opening Concert

4/12 (Sun) 14:30

【2020 Weiwuying TIFA - Contemporary Music Platform】Peter EÖTVÖS Master Class Concert

4/17 (Fri) 19:30

【2020 Weiwuying TIFA - Contemporary Music Platform】WU Szuhwa“ Playing on the Edge Ⅰ”

4/18 (Sat) 14:30

【2020 Weiwuying TIFA - Contemporary Music Platform】The Interconnection of Young Musicians and Composers

4/19 (Sun) 14:30

【2020 Weiwuying TIFA - Contemporary Music Platform】WU Szuhwa “Playing on the Edge II ”

4/18 (Sat) 19:30

Ensemble Fabrique Normande (In)-Real Sound Surroundings

4/25 (Sat) 19:30

【2020 Weiwuying TIFA - Contemporary Music Platform】Erwan KERAVEC: SONNEURS

4/25 (Sat) 13:30
4/26 (Sun) 13:30

【2020 Weiwuying TIFA - Contemporary Music Platform】Erwan KERAVEC × Mickaël PHELIPPEAU “membre fantôme”

4/26 (Sun) 14:30

【2020 Weiwuying TIFA - Contemporary Music Platform】Yunshuyachi Ensemble “Re-make in Asia”

5/16 (Sat) 14:30、19:30
5/17 (Sun) 14:30

Original Korean Musical Along with the Gods: The Afterworld

5/23 (Sat) 19:30


5/24 (Sun) 14:30

Scottish Chamber Orchestra

5/30 (Sat) 14:30、19:30
5/31 (Sun) 14:30

Original Korean Musical “Along with the Gods: This World”

5/30 (Sat) 14:30

Yuval PICK “En ré mineur ”

5/31 (Sun) 14:30

Grand Tour - Impressions on Western and Eastern Early Music

6/2 (Tue) 19:30

Philharmonic Octet Berlin

6/6 (Sat) 19:30
6/7 (Sun) 14:30

Puppet & Its Double Theater “The Great Fall”

6/13 (Sat) 11:00、14:30
6/14 (Sun) 11:00、14:30

【Family Series】Puppet & Its Double Theater The Happy Prince

6/20 (Sat) 19:30

Formosa Baroque - Baroque Opera Gala Concert

6/20 (Sat) 19:30
6/21 (Sun) 14:30

The Artist Live in Concert

Weiwuying Showtime Series (No Early Bird Discount)
1/3 (Fri) 20:00【Weiwuying Showtime】WU Zulin “He Is Still Young”
2/7 Fri) 20:00

【Weiwuying Showtime】Dacon.come “Ru Mu Chun Fong”

3/27 (Fri) 20:00

【Weiwuying Showtime】Chet LAM “Son of Kowloon”

5/29 (Fri) 20:00

【Weiwuying Showtime】WANG Yu-jun “The Memories of Riverside ”

6/26 (Fri) 20:00【Weiwuying Showtime】CHEN Jo-Yu “Savage Beauty Jazz Piano Concert”






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