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1209 Seats


The Playhouse is mainly used as a performance space for various drama and dance performances. It is available in mirror-framed and three-sided stage styles. The single-sided mirror-framed stage can accommodate up to 1,209 people, or up to 998-1,046 people when adjusted to a three-sided stage or with an orchestra pit and a musician performance area.

The Play House is a computer-assisted theatre equipped with 7 automated mechanical platforms designed by Waagner-Biro to adjust for various sizes of the orchestra pit. The detachable seating area on the right side of the seating area (48 seats in total) can be converted into a musician performance section, which preserves the closeup characteristics of the traditional theatre between the musicians and the audiences when the stage is highlighted.





Stage tormentors opening
12-18m(w) x8m(h)

Main stage 
27.2m(w) x16.2m(d) x20.5m(h) 

  • Trap pit of 12 square meters in the center of the main stage consisting of 72 pieces of moving wooden plates with a length of 1.9m and a width of 0.95m. The floor of the trap pit is 4m below the stage.

  • 67 booms above the main stage

  • 3 longitudinal booms on each side





Left stage and right stage
10.2m(w) x17.2m(d) x8.5m(h)
 Rear stage
22.3m(w) x10m(d) x8.5m(h)