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 Concert Hall

1981 Seats 


The Concert Hall is designed with a unique vineyard-style seating arrangement that is one-of-its-kind in Taiwan. It features 5 ring-shaped low walls divided into 13 irregularly arranged seating areas to shorten the reflected distance of sound for a fuller and more delicate musical presentation. The multi-level seating areas enable the audience to be closer surrounding the stage, thus allowing the audience to enjoy the best acoustics and perspective from different heights.

Main Stage: It consists of 5 self-rising platforms for the orchestra pit. The height of the overhead acoustic reflectors can be adjusted to 9m, 14m, and 17.8m above the stage. The height and angle can be adjusted to match the characteristics of various music performances to produce the most optimum acoustic effects for the audience.

Pipe Organ: Manufactured by Johannes Klais Orgelbau, a German organ factory with over a century of history, it is the largest performance instrument for a concert hall in Asia. It is designed to match the interior style of the concert hall. The two main parts, the symphonic organ and the echo organ, are asymmetrically arranged to include 127 stop plugs and 9085 pipe tubes.






20.8m(w) x13.6m(d)

The stage area is 223.9 sq. meters