Venue Hire Information

Application Procedure

1Availability / Application

Available timeslots for January to June of the following year are announced every January and then open for registration in February. Available timeslots for July to December of the following year are announced every July and then open for registration in August.

Non first-ballot:
After the first-ballot applications are confirmed, the program schedule is updated on the first day (or next available business day) of each month and the applicant shall submit the registration at least 120 days before the intended timeslot.Login to the “Venue Hire System” on the official website to enter your information, and then pay the NT$1000 application fee in full.

2Review / Confirmation

The schedule will be allocated based on the review evaluation and applicants will be notified via e-mail or telephone. The applicant can review their application from the “Venue Hire System”   on the official website.

3Contract / Down Payment

The applicant must sign the contract and pay the down payment within 7 days upon receiving the confirmation from WeiWuYing. The program schedule will also be announced on the “Venue Hire System” on the official website.

4Equipment / Back Payment

1. The applicant must submit the application for equipment, front/back stage pass, merchandise, and technical assistance etc. at least 30 days before the allocated timeslot.

2. The back payment is 50% of the venue hire fee, in addition to other equipment fees.

5Program / Evaluation

If the applicant needs additional equipment on the day of the program, they must confirm with the rental form after the program as basis for the final payment.

6Finale / Payment

The applicant shall pay the final payment within 7 days after the scheduled program for the extra equipment and timeslot allocated for the program.