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Weiwuying Artist-In-Residence


Creating Art through Everyday Living

Future theater and art will create hope and public values for human societies

We believe that art making, art production, and viewership originate from living, where art creators, theaters, and audiences are “companions” as well as they are “partners.”

Weiwuying invites future theater artists to reside in Kaohsiung and create art using their “down-to-earth” life experiences, where they demonstrate the methods to sustainable symbioses between humans and the environment to enrich the power of future performing arts in theaters. Weiwuying artists and art production teams openly and continuously observe, visit, and “converse with” all corners of the city, expanding Weiwuying to all parts of the city; increasing the “scope” of its art activities; summoning the courage to search for and connect with other disciplines; and inviting the public to roll up their sleeves to promote the development of their city and lives.


Weiwuying Artist-In-Residence  

CHOU Shu-yi


2020-2022 Weiwuying Artist-In-Residence-CHOU Shu-yi

Weiwuying invited artist CHOU Shu-yi to elevate the creativity of Kaohsiung's performing arts; discuss with CHOU about local art development; and collaborate with other disciplines and further art creation capacity to discover new promotional possibilities.

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Connected | International Partnership Program

Since 2016, Weiwuying has organized three international exchange platforms (i.e., the Taiwan Dance Platform, Weiwuying Circus Platform, and Weiwuying Contemporary Music Platform), professional talent training and development workshops, international forums, and professional producer academies, establishing long-term cooperative relationships with domestic and foreign venues and institutions.

Through diversified strategic planning, Weiwuying learns from local resources; develops “point, line, and plane-based” supportive projects with its domestic and foreign partners; focuses on creative production, talent training, and work promotion; finds different resources for creators and performing arts teams; and offers the opportunities for local and international professionals to work Weiwuying, accumulating Taiwan’s sustainable creative capacity.


Taiwan Dance Platform

The Taiwan Dance Platform is a sustainable support system connecting contemporary dance practitioners to local, regional, and international industries, enabling young artists to become involved in shows (i.e., producing or coproducing shows), Chinese/English writing (i.e., commentating and appreciating Chinese/English writing), workshops, seminars, themed image exhibitions, international professional gatherings, and experimental development space.

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Weiwuying Circus Platform

Starting 2016, Weiwuying has hosted the Weiwuying Circus Platform every November, presenting Taiwan’s only circus platform bringing the professional, government, and academic sectors together to promote circus art training and development and introducing circus art into people’s lives. Weiwuying’s main buildings, fully connected indoor and outdoor space, and parks allow circuses to showcase their openness and tolerance as an art and illustrate how life can be serious as well as funny, humorous, and dynamic.

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Weiwuying Contemporary Music Platform

The Weiwuying Contemporary Music Platform utilizes music to explore history, write contemporary history, and search for future possibilities. The goal is to experiment using the aspects of performance, contemporary music academies, and international platforms to bring art creators, art performers, and audiences together, exercising the power of national stadiums to promote and create contemporary work to develop Taiwanese music and pass it down to future generations.

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