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Dedicated to Taiwan design industry for years, Cheer for not only develop our own brand but constantly collaborate with loads of worldwide designers and brands.

Our belief is to ‘create a wonderful and cheerful life’.
Great variety of original design products are selected, and these outstanding creative ideas are promoted through our Cheer Weiwuying.


Let’s come together to cheer for a better life!

Cheer for life,and make life so cheerful!


Stage 5 is the fifth stage of the WeiWuYin National Kaohsiung Centre for the Arts where they take an artistic approach to food.

We Continue to seek and create new dishes by combining traditional Taiwanese food with western cuisine. In the spirit of an artists approach to food to bring you a new flavorful experience.


STAGE 5 Story

The world-class food art performance stage
Over the past 17 years, Stage 5 Chef Tsai Chung Ho has learned French Cuisine in Taiwan, Australia and England. By returning back to his hometown Kaohsiung and the heart of cooking, pursing to bring out the essence of ingredients and flavors. Together with the WeiWuYin National Kaohsiung Centre, the world-class art performance stage, leading his team members to create whole new experience of flavors by the version through the world and mix with the culture of local cuisine.
Stage 5 is going to open an incredible journey in the “Art” of food in southern Taiwan.


At Stage 5 there are three different ways to enjoy your personal food journey.

-Take Out Bar, where you may take out light orders to experience.

-Bistronomy, Casual fine dining in a modern atmosphere

-Food Lab, Custom made menu, on request.

Jiu Zhen Nan (JZN)

Jiu Zhen Nan (JZN) was founded in 1890. Ensuring that we stay true to our heritage of bakery craftsmanship, we knead the most exquisite Han pastry and use the freshest ingredients with zero preservative. JZN has dedicated to promoting the culture of seasonal eating and the artistry of the pastry culture.
Currently, Jiu Zhen Nan has 20 stores throughout the country, owns its self-operated E-commerce platform. Following with the success of JZN Han Pastry House in Kaohsiung in 2016, in 2018, JZN launched the JZN Han Pastry Cultural Concept Store, in Tainan with the exclusive Han Pastry Afternoon Tea Set to improve customer experience.

Taste Local‧Link Global!

Our goal is to become the best Han pastry brand. We hope that customers from all over the world can savor the local Taiwanese taste.


PIN product is not only I-PIN, for the confectionery-as the artistic creation we have insisted.
"Professional spirit"-inherited from Japan that the heart of the sweets and emotional perseverance, as the artistic creation of the hand-like spirit. Slow
work deliberately insist, can be more than a little decoration, a bit more original flavor of the taste of sweets.
"The primary color to stay"-fade the gorgeous coat, the most can taste the original moved. Presentation simple, no gorgeous decorative color, we have to make more close to the lives of the residents of the sweets.
"Original"-in order to maintain the raw flavor of the ingredients, we carefully selected natural fresh ingredients, do not add pigments and artificial flavors, reject trans fats, preservatives, preservative, as far as possible to achieve low-sugar lower oil.


Baihuawen Xinchuang Co., Ltd. brand had created a great revolution in the coffee market in 2016. Leads the coffee industry to the third wave of coffee with the concept of Catering 4.0.

Simtree is particular about Science × Irrigation × Meal
we provides high quality service in a scientific and digitized manner.
The qualities of every products are highly valued.
We devote high C/P of the products and transparency to customers, and strive to become a 100% food-safety-company.

Science: Goods are designed through countless repeated experiments.
Irrigation: Irrigating knowledge to people, matters, things.
Meal: Meticulous about the ingredients and strictly demanding the freshness.


Perfume Dance

Layers of happiness surround your taste buds.
A fragrance like a perfume, which makes people feel tempted.
Feelous and delicate touch like feather.
Enjoy the fantasy of gorgeous food and Dancing exotic romantic atmosphere.
Experience this incredible “perfume dance”.






With the persistence of quality and all kinds of tea products, Oregin persisted in preserving the original tea flavor by hand. Moreover, by using unique techniques, Oregin could not only completely control the quality of tea, but also ensure the freshest of materials.

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